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Why NVA?

While North Valley Ag Services is open to both members and non-members, it’s clear the greatest value found is for those with membership. Why? Because membership means ownership. Ownership means profits.

There are no membership fees imposed on new members of Chico Bean Growers (dba North Valley Ag Services). We welcome any agricultural producer as a member, at any value of patronage. We encourage you to consider membership.

Membership Benefits

  • As a member, you receive equity in Chico Bean Growers. As your patronage grows, so does the amount of equity.
  • As a member, you benefit from group purchases. Larger buys = cost savings passed to you.
  • The model of a co-op is that the operational policy must be beneficial to its members. Our success is built upon your success resulting in actions that put you first.
  • Our co-op’s board members are active farmers. They are directly affected by the member policies they set and resolutions they approve. Everyone is in it together.
  • Your personal financial liability is limited to your amount of equity in the cooperative as set by cooperative statutes.
  • There are no revolving funds. This means any profits realized are returned to the participating members the following year.  The more you invest in the co-op through your purchases, the greater savings you’ll harvest the following year (based on profits).
  • There are no per unit retains assessed for bean growing members.

As a co-op, Chico Bean Growers (dba North Valley Ag Services) is dedicated to our grower-members success. We invite you to experience the difference the co-op experience provides.